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18 Years of Professionalism & Courtesy

Alayna Maguire is moving over after several years on this page to welcome her new baby brother, Immen!

More Maguires at TAM: Alayna Maguire welcomes her new baby brother Immen! More on the TAM News page.

From the largest to the smallest, everyone at TAM Waste Management is happy to serve your needs for personal and commercial hauling, demolition, recycling and commercial composting. TAM Inc. has been your local hauler in Southern Vermont since 1996. You pick the right size wheeled trash cart and the frequency of pickup. No Sort Recycling is free. You pay only for the refuse you generate. Leave the rest to us.

We can provide:

  • Roll-off Containers 8 yd – 30 yd
  • Residential Pickup
  • Commercial Pickup
  • Free No Sort Recycling
  • Demolition & Debris Recycling
  • Clean Out Service
  • Scrap Metal Recycling
  • Commercial Food and Farm Composting

We look forward to serving you!
The team at TAM Waste Management Inc.


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