In 1996, Trevor A. Mance was a senior at Mount Anthony Union High School, and worked at the Town of Shaftsbury Landfill on weekends. When he started a weekend hauling route in Shaftsbury with a major leap of faith and a beat up old one ton truck, TAM was born. After high school, Trevor expanded with a route in Bennington and hired his first employee, Joseph Maguire. Joseph is still with TAM today, driving one of the five roll-off trucks. In the early days, advertising consisted of handing out handmade pamphlets from a mo-ped, and maintenance on the trucks often included coat hangers and duct tape!

Trevor continued to grow his business while commuting to Hudson Valley Community College and then to Sienna College. This often meant driving the garbage truck to the burn plant to be emptied in Hudson Falls, NY, and then taking it in to class. Routes were picked up either in the morning before classes or late in the evening after classes were finished.

Trevor-truckIn 2003, TAM embarked on a monumental expansion by starting the permitting process to open a recycling center and transfer station. Four years later, in 2007, this became a reality. The transfer station was opened to help keep transportation costs down by combining multiple loads into one larger load. Along with better efficiency, the transfer station has allowed TAM to keep disposal costs down by recycling as much material as possible.

Today, TAM has grown into a hauling company with fifteen trucks and a family of twenty five of the hardest working people around. The old one ton truck has been replaced by a fleet of new “real” garbage trucks. Trevor’s on-the-road repairs have been replaced with a “real” mechanic. However, the philosophy of providing an exceptional service at a reasonable price has never changed. TAM is proud to be a local company, proud to employ local folks and most of all, proud to serve our customers.

TAM Organics Logo 300x200In 2012 TAM Inc. initiated a facility in Bennington for recycling organic materials (composting), such as yard debris, food waste, wood chips and manures. It initially served commercial food waste producers, but will expand to accommodate additional customers as the project develops. In its first operating year, 2014, TAM processed 465 tons of food scrap into rich composted soil for the following spring.

TAM Recycle logo 300x200In 2014, TAM Inc, opened a facility in Pownal to process recycled inorganic materials, and for shipping recycling and construction and demolition debris to appropriate end users. In the past, all TAM recycling was shipped to a sorting facility in New York State. Now, these jobs stay in the local community, helping build the local economy.