Once, when I was away from home and didn’t have my garbage at the curb, it was picked up anyway. That’s great service. My parents are in their mid-80s and can’t haul their garbage to the curb. TAM picks up from them too. How nice is that? TAM treats it’s customers like part of their big extended family. It’s a good feeling to know there are still businesses like TAM that have old-fashioned small-town values. How many people can say they have warm feelings about their garbage collection company? I’m betting I’m not the only person around here that can say, “I do.”   –Leslie

I am really excited about your commercial composting site going live. This is really, really great!  It’s so important to give back TO the earth what has been taken FROM it for our use.  Thank you for your progressive, green business practices.  –Lucy

I am so very glad I hired you guys!!!!! I live in West Dover and get my garbage picked up every other week. Today two of your staff stopped to get my garbage. When they pulled in, I laughed to myself because I’m still getting used to the new schedule. My other pick-up day was Monday for my old company. This was a Thursday. When Gary and I believe his name is Lenny? came to the door, they were so professional and asked if I was a pick-up every week or every other week. I thought to myself, how awesome of them to take the time to stop and ask. They could of just drove by! We chatted for a few minutes and then they waited for me to go get my garbage and recycling. By recycling with your containers, I have way less garbage! My kids love to do it! I also received a welcome card in the mail and a magnet. It’s really the little things that make a company what they are!  So again I would just like to thank you!  –Jeannie