At TAM Inc., we appreciate all the great individuals that make up our unbeatable team. Some have been with TAM from the very beginning, and some are new arrivals, bringing  their fresh ideas and expertise.

We want to introduce you to our employees that have been here the longest:

Trevor-hdTrevor-kidsTrevor A. Mance is the founder of TAM Inc. (See TAM’s History), growing it from an after school job to a regional company with 25 employees.  He likes to spend his weekends with family, either at his parents’ maple sugar operation or with his wife Jamie and their kids Tessa & Teagan. They enjoy many outdoor activities, like ice fishing together.

Joseph-wifeAlyana-ImmanJoseph Maguire, father of Alayna and baby boy Imman, started in 1998 while in 7th grade, doing clean-outs and odd jobs with Trevor, including collecting trash in a one ton pick-up. Joe is now the Foreman and Supervisor of TAM’s Transfer Station, & like everyone else at TAM, he fills in when/where needed.

Maguire-crewMary Beth Maguire came to TAM in 2001 from the Southern Vermont Medical Center, & is now TAM’s General Manager and Human Resources Manager. She enjoys spending time with her husband, Scott, and their ever growing family.

Gary-McIntireGary McIntire, Jr. from Bennington has been driving a packer truck since 2001.   If you don’t see him coaching youth sports around Bennington, you might see him picking up garbage & recycling in Bennington, Wilmington, & Manchester.

Shane-CarpenterShane Carpenter (here with his grandson) is an avid car enthusiast from Shaftsbury, and has been with TAM since 2005 as a packer truck driver. You might see him in Bennington, North Bennington, Arlington, Manchester or Sandgate.


Ed-MyersEd Myers, volunteer firefighter and Chief of the North Bennington Fire Department, is proud to say that he has never called in sick since 2005! He is a member of our safety committee & reliably delivers roll off containers throughout our service area.

DurfAl Durfee, better known as “Durf”, is the welder and mechanic that has kept TAM’s equipment running smoothly since 2005.   Durf loves spending time with his family, especially his grandchildren.

Carol-RaynorCarol Rayner is one of the friendly voices who may answer your questions about your bill or service when you call the office. She has been providing outstanding customer service for TAM since 2008. Outside of work she looks forward to spending time with Bill, her daughters, Lindsay & Alex, and walking her dog, Sophie.

Greg-SquiresGreg Squires has been the friendly face at the Shaftsbury transfer station since 2009, helping residents who drop off their trash & recycling.

Dave-WeberDave Weber started in 2010 at the TAM transfer station, and is now either delivering roll off containers, doing demolition jobs, or running other large equipment. He & his wife, Michelle, had twins, Charlie & Lillie, in the summer of 2014.

Josh-BusheeJosh Bushee, has worked like the Energizer bunny since 2011 in and around our shop as a mechanic and welder. He is quick and efficient and keeps moving all day to get home to his 3 daughters and his wife.

Rick-GalinasRick Gelinas has worked in a variety of positions since 2012, from driver to office attendant. He currently helps at the compost yard during the day and cares for his Lamas on nights and weekends.

Dads&Babes-lgThe youngest members of the TAM team arrived in July of 2014, 3 babies in 2 days!  Here are proud daddies Dave Weber and Joseph Maguire with their children Charlie and Lillie (Weber) and Imman (Maguire) in October 2014.