Please call us at the number above with any questions. We are always happy to hear from you.

compost-symbolWho can compost with TAM Organics? TAM Organics operates a Commercial Composting Facility. We accept food scraps from commercial customers such as schools, restaurants and grocery stores, sawdust and tree trimmings from commercial entities, utilities and towns, and manures and other compostable farm products from commercial entities with whom we have a contractual agreement. This policy enables TAM to uphold quality control of incoming materials, and ensures safe and useful end products of organic compost and amended soils.

Where can I learn more about home composting?  There are many good sites available on the Internet. Here is just one. Also, check the links on our Learn More About Composting Page.

Can I drop off composting materials at the site? No. Please call the number above to discuss pick-up of your compostable materials.

Does TAM Organics provide containers for compostable materials? Yes, we provide Compost Totes that are designed to work with our pick-up and cleaning systems.

How does my business find out how to prepare compostable materials? TAM provides signs and mandatory training for you and your employees about on-site sorting so you can quickly learn the right way.  View sign here.

What happens if my compostable materials have trash mixed in? Correctly separating your compost from other recycling or garbage as you place it in your totes is very important.  Incorrectly separated (contaminated) loads must be refused or quarantined and  returned at the customer’s expense, to avoid contamination of the compost facility. Read or download our Recycle/Compost Quick Reference HERE.

What can I put in my Compost Tote?  All food scraps, including:

  • Meat and bones, fat,
  • Dairy products, such as cheese, yogurt
  • Nuts, eggs and their shells
  • Vegetables, fruit, peels, cores
  • Baked goods, bread, pasta
  • Tea bags, coffee grounds & filters
  • Paper trash: Napkins, sugar packets & other paper wrappers.

What can’t be put in my Compost Tote?

  • All recyclable materials. (See Recycling page)
  • PLU stickers from fruits and vegetables: This is the biggest source of contamination in food-source compost.
  • Plastic trash: Any wrappers, packaging, bags, straws and utensils, package foils.
  • Lawn trimmings, commercial floral products or leaves swept up from traffic areas. These are frequently contaminated with chemical fertilizers, pesticides or fuels.